About Meda Park

      The company was founded in 2007 and is part of a group of companies along with CSV Meda,Meda SRL,CSV Euro Meda SRL, SAV System SRL.

Due to the development of companies in the group that oversaw the distribution of materials for plumbing and drainage we found it necessary to market products designed by specialists from the company.We have developed products range from iron cast manhole covers in the first stage ,after which we have developed composite manhole covers produced under license with our partners abroad.

Due to the fact that we have become one of the leading providers of such products on the Romanian market we considered it natural to try to produce composite manhole covers in Romania.

Along with Meda Park have joined experts from ACC Engineering SRL and created a new company - SAV System SRL to product composite manhole covers ,this way becoming the first manufactures of such products in Romania.





RO 21635049

Address: Calea Ialomitei nr. 23 Targoviste Dambovita

Cont: RO93BACX0000000604074000

Unicredit Bank Targoviste